We all are aware of the popularity of Ruby on Rails for any web development project need. Since its beginning fame has risen till this day and by looking at the benefits served by Rails. Ruby on rails some or the other day introduces features to strengthen and make the development of a rail solid and powerful. Recently rails have come up with Hotwire as a default framework shipped along with Rails 7. Hotwire can be applied if you are struggling with page speed issues, the form submission process, or slitting complex pages without any js code here.

So stay tuned to this blog to know more about rails hotwire below:

What is Rails Hotwire?

As mentioned above hotwire is the default framework launched along with the introduction of the rails 7 version. We can say that Ruby on rails developers can apply it for showcasing HTML in the ruby application over the wire. Before rails, 7 hotwire was used in the gem file and after running as rails hotwire. While once version 7 of rails came into the picture all the rails gems got disfavored. 

In simple terms we can say that rails hotwire is a technology that makes the everyday task and job of ruby on rails developer easy in terms of delivering an effective way to build modern web applications without investing too much time in writing javascript codes while instead that it sends HTML over the wire. So once all this happens it delivers faster page loading. It also works on the server side to ensure that it provides businesses and rails developers with experience in simple and productive web application development. So the rails 7 version now developed use turbo rails and stimulus rails directly, which can work as a single plage application of hotwire page and as an effective javascript framework. Here, as per the name, we can only get the name that hotwire defines HTML over the wire, as discussed above.

One thing to remember is that Ruby on Rails Hotwire is not a single framework; it consists of various other frameworks. Hotwire simplifies the process of web development for ruby developers. Let's talk about what it consists of:

  1. Turbo
  2. Stimulus
  3. Starda

1. Turbo:

Turbo is famous for making the process of web application development simple along with making less usage of javascript apps. Also turbo offers various methods to handle HTML data ser over the wore and showcase applications' data without loading the whole page. We can say that this technique helps manage the web application's simplicity rather than disturbing the SPA experience while using techniques such as Turbo frames, Turbo drive, and Turbo streams. 

  • Turbo frames:

It helps load the various sections of the markup independently because it helps divide pages into various other contexts such as frames.

  • Turbo drive:

It means that all the links do not usually relload the whole page only the entire page. Here only one thing will be displayed which is a tag containing HTML.

  • Turbo streams:

It is used to add real-time features to the application and helps bring real-time data by using CRUD.

2. Stimulus:

Stimulus is another javascript-based framework considered for use when java-based applications are needed.  Here the stimulus plays a role in making interactions with HTML and controls them too.

3. Strada:

Strada in comparison to the above framework is not that popular, and the reason is it is not being officially released too. It can be used for native-based apps and due to this interactions gets possible between native applications and web apps.

Here we can say that Turbo plays a massive role in the foundation of the hotwire.  While working with javascript related to any client-side activity you can add stimulus and strada can be used only when your web application needs ios or android. Also most of the needs, such as fast web performance and speed, can be fulfilled by turbo drive only while adding responsiveness for updating parts Turbo frames can be used, and at last for sending server updates rails developers can use turbo streams. 

Wrap Up:

Thus we can say that rails hotwire weirdly popular among the whole rails community and one of the most preferred tools for developers for faster web page development and application with less repetitive codes. We understand businesses hire ruby on rails developers for speedier web development and efficiency. There is no doubt that rails hotwire is the perfect and ideal choice to finish projects quickly and effectively.